can somebody

please tell Clyde & Co that having a big world map on your “locations” page that serves no purpose whatsoever and just confuses the user – who actually has to click on a tiny drop-down list in the corner – is bad, and annoying, and also bad?

UPDATE: Well shut my mouth.


2 thoughts on “can somebody

  1. Are you talking about the page?

    As far as i can see, the page is interactive and lets you drill down by clicking on a region – it even says ‘select a region to view offices’ when the page first loads.

    Or are you talking about another page?

  2. Well well. It turns out it does indeed do that, and actually in quite a funky way. Just not on our horrible, flash-free office PCs.Sorry, Clyde’s! Now stop googling yourselves and get some lawyering done…

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