program that tells you if anyone in your email address book is online (if they have the program too) and lets you chat over email using subject lines as text. instant cross-network IM. maybe if i post it someone will spontaneously build it…


What, really, is the point of instant messaging? By which I mean, having a separate system to email? Or rather, a million different systems, each largely non-compatible, each with a a handful of your friends added to it because you know their email but not their IM name? Vast amounts are being invested in developing systems which integrate IM and email – so you get messages by IM if you’re online, and email when you’re not. But wouldn’t it be easier to develop and sell email alerters which just let you reply to messages without opening a massive application or web interface? I’m trying ePrompter to do just that, I’ll let you know how I get on.UPDATE: ePrompter is shit.